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Radio, You Say...
Posted: 2017-02-20 00:00:00
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Radio is a powerful medium that still remains a driving force in music toay. 

Getting meaningful airplay is a difficult but rewarding activity. Much time and energy is spent promoting and working singles with radio stations and the powers behind them. So when success to achieved, it is a major milestone.

In Canada there are two radio charts published each week. MediaBase and BDS. Collecting the 'spin' information and reporitng it is a massive undertaking that provides feedback and understanding of how well, or poorly, a single is doing on the airwaves of Canada.

We are proud to report that some of our artists have generated spectacular radio airplay over the years. Some ot the highlights are:

  • Money Honey - State of Shock with 120,000 'spins' reported
  • Fire - Raghav with 66,000 'spins'
  • Best I Ever Had - State of Shock with 48,000 'spins'
  • Too Pretty - State of Shock with 45,000 'spins'
  • Hearts That Bleed - State of Shock with 40,000 'spins'

Anything over 30,000 'spins' is a major achievement so the singles above are in the super category, especially 'Money Honey' that has reached mega-hit levels!

We'd like to salute the radio promotion teams, Frontside, the writers, the artists, the radio programmers and the radio listening public for their support of these fabulous artists on Cordova Bay Records! Thank you!