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Celebrating State of Shock
Posted: 2013-12-07 14:43:21
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Since it’s release in 2007, “Life, Love & Lies” by State of Shock has done phenomenally well! The CD was certified GOLD (50,000 units sold) and featured 5 singles: “Money Honey”, “Hearts That Bleed”, “Best I Ever Had”, “Too Pretty” and “Different Day”. Collectively, these singles have had nearly 250,000 radio spins in Canada with a collective audience (listens) nearing 1 Billion! YouTube views have long since been reset and reset again but total views are in excess of 10 Million collectively.

Individually, the singles from the album have achieved incredible heights. “Money Honey” is certified Double Platinum in sales with over 100,000 radio spins here at home. “Best I Ever Had” is certified Platinum in sales with nearly 50,000 radio spins. The video was also #1 at Much Music! “Too Pretty” is certified Gold in sales with 45,000 radio spins and “Hearts That Bleed” has nearly 42,000 radio spins to date.

Billboard Canada’s Biggest Canadian Hits on the Hot 100 lists “Money Honey” in the #10 spot!

“From its launch in mid-2007 to the present time, we have ranked the 20 biggest hits by domestic artists on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 using a points system. Total points were determined by subtracting each weekly chart position from 101 and then totalling the results. Note that “Paralyzer” was already on the charts when the Hot 100 was launched and that some of these singles are still on the charts. This is simply a current snapshot of chart success and gives an idea of the bigger Canadian hits in terms of both radio airplay and purchase since mid-2007.”