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Age of Days Release 'radioactivity' in Canada
Posted: 2013-04-09 00:00:00
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The much-anticipated Age of Days album, radioactivity, was released to Canadian music retailers and iTunes today.

The first single, Bombs Away, raced up the Active Rock charts into the Top 20, with it's powerful, hook-laden, guitar crunching sound that has made Age of Days a favourite of the modern rock crowd and an in-demand live act.

Second single, Broken, was just released at Canadian radio and has a different vibe to it, reflecting the diversity in tone and musical texture on the new album while maintaining the band's rock sensibilities. The whole album is tied together by a central theme of overcoming adversity. "On this album there is an overriding theme of persistence and overcoming obstacles and getting beyond certain things," says bassist Matt McLaughlin. "The songs are all unique, but they all deal with a consistent theme of inner strength and overcoming all the curves life can throw at you. Some of the songs have a pretty serious subject matter, like Not Breathing, which is about battling depression. And then you have Bombs Away, which is a tongue-in-cheek thing about a bad relationship. And we’ve got Now or Never which we wrote with Sal Costa formerly from My Darkest Days, and it’s about seeing what’s going on in the world around you and how you’ve got to be able to take personal responsibility if things are going to change."

Costa was one of three special guest co-writers on the album. McLaughlin and frontman Tim Morrison decided to take advantage some of the best rock songwriters and producers in the business to help create an album befitting the rebirth of Age of Days. A number of the songs were co-written with good friend and producer Justin Forsley, and three were co-written with Juno-award winning producer Brian Howes (Hedley, Hinder, Puddle of Mudd, Daughtry, Nickelback).

"I think we have grown as musicians and as a band from writing with other people. When you collaborate with other people you try things you might not have necessarily done on your own," Morrison states. "From a writing point of view, we are really proud of these new songs, and I think the album is a major step forward for us."

Track Listing
1. Bombs Away
2. Now or Never (Ft. Sal Coz Costa)
3. Broken
4. Justify
5. Live Out Loud
6. I Did It For Love
7. Ready To Go
8. Wrecking Machine
9. Not Breathing
10. All I Know

Twitter: @ageofdays
Facebook: facebook.com/ageofdays
Youtube: youtube.com/ageofdaysofficial
Website: www.ageofdays.com